A youthful Facebook client as of late said something on NCDC post on Facebook that got everybody talking.

The remark have seen over 1k responses from Nigerians on the web based life website and it’s as of now slanting on Facebook.

He said


Lagos fc stays unbeaten, as Ogun warriors indicated a splendid presentation today.plateau joined dug out from a deficit to make it to top 3,while Edo ,Kaduna likewise worked superbly on the pitch today.it’s a decent day for those that made it to top 5 .Gombe,Enugu and bayelsa fc you folks can improve by chipping away at your players that are on injury or better despite everything get a few players on credit from Lagos fc .from a dependable source kano coordinate was rescheduled.

Much obliged to you!!

So amusing 😂😂 this little youngster have the right to be granted with best observer during this covic-19 period

Some numerous Nigerians were satisfied by the little youngster remark and made some interesting answers as well.

Picture Of The Remark👇 :