Yahoo Groups Coming To An End On October 28

There was a time not all that long ago where Yahoo was one of the biggest, if not the absolute biggest, internet based company in the world. In fact, Yahoo was such a big company that when Google was just starting out Yahoo was mulling over purchasing that company, something that they didn’t do and which they undoubtedly regret because of the fact that it certainly made it difficult for them to make the most of the profit that could have been obtained if they just bought Google in the very beginning.

One iconic feature that Yahoo had to offer was Yahoo Groups. This was a community based feature that allowed you to connect with like minded people. Whether you joined a Yahoo Group for work or just to have a little fun, chances are that it was a big part of your life if you are anywhere between twenty five to forty years of age, making it so that you grew up using Yahoo and its various properties all of which came together to form an indispensable part of the internet for a very long time indeed.

It seems like the age of Yahoo Groups is coming to an end. The 28th of October is when the groups will end which means that you won’t be able to join any more groups nor will you be able to publish any content on these groups, that is according to Yahoo! help page.

What’s more is that the content that is currently available on Yahoo Groups is going to be removed from Yahoo’s servers in December. Yahoo pushed back the date on which this data would be deleted because of the fact that they wanted to give users a chance to back up any data that they had left on this platform.

Even though Yahoo is not quite as prevalent of a company as it used to be, the fact remains that this is a definite sign of the end of an era.

Here’s how social media reacted to this development:

Jason Scott@textfiles

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Jason Scott@textfiles

Of COURSE Archive Team is going to go after it. We will take a huge-ass snapshot, and people will lose ALL the functionality of access, search, reference. That’s the price that’s paid – we turn things into snapshots instead of reference books and living things.

Eileen Clancy@clancynewyork

This can’t be happening. Yahoo Groups are an enormously important repository of culture. Shutting the service down with effectively no notice? That wailing sound you hear is archivists who know there aren’t resources to capture it all that quickly.

Jason Scott@textfiles

So OF COURSE Yahoo! is going to stop allowing use of Yahoo! Groups in exactly one week, and OF COURSE Yahoo! is going to delete/wipe ALL content in ALL Yahoo! Groups in 3 months. And OF COURSE the front page says NOTHING about it.

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eilidh-en martin@eilidhmax

well with yahoo groups going that’s my teenage years of playing bus company management sims (read: spreadsheets with fleet and route details and designing bus liveries in paint dot net) gone lol

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Ari-Dynamic 🐻@ari_dynamic

Yahoo Groups lost it’s relevancy a long time ago. Still, thank you for the fun memories. I expect it’ll be shut down eventually; does anyone still frequent this site?

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