Woman Who Was Living In A Van With 320 Rats Agrees To Give Them Up (Photo)

A woman who was living in a van with 320 pet rats has agreed to give them up after “asking for help” from a local charity.

Authorities in California found the animals had clawed into upholstery, burrowed into seats and gnawed the engine wiring, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

The unnamed woman, who lives in San Diego, had started out with just two of the rodents.

Rats can give birth every four weeks and produce a dozen in a litter.

An officer from the San Diego Humane Society visited the van, which was parked near a convenience store, and spoke to the woman on 8 October.

The animals had reportedly been seen coming and going from the van and prompted complaints from people in the area.

Danee Cook, an agent in the charity’s law enforcement department, said the woman acknowledged things had got out of control.

She told the San Diego Union-Tribune: “This was not a cruelty case, this was a relinquishment, an owner asking for help.

“She was feeding all of them, had water for all of them.

“This didn’t meet the standards of hoarding.”

Authorities collected about 320 rats and more than 100 are now up for adoption.

The woman has found a new place to stay.

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