Unbelievable: A Wonderful Ocean In Israel Where People Can Not Drown (see Photos)

Unbelievable: A Wonderful Ocean In Israel Where People Can Not Drown (Photos)

A sea of Israel is known as the Dead Sea. Do you know why this sea is called Dead Sea? Let’s know some secrets related to this: This ocean is about 1375 feet or 420 meters deep, and about 2400 feet below sea surface, from the surface of the earth. It is known for its high density. The special thing of this sea is that no one can drown here. Man can float here easily without any fear.

Compared to ordinary water, its water contains 20 times more bromine, 50 times more magnesium and 10 times more iodine. Bromine relaxes the arteries, magnesium fights against skin allergies. While iodine increases the activity of many glands.

The Dead Sea is situated between Israel and Jordan. This sea is spread in very little space. It is known as the Arabian lake. It has always been the center of attraction of foreign tourists. The Jordan River and other small rivers are found in this ocean. Due to its beauty and the beauty surrounding it, it was included in the list of 28 places selected in seven wonders of the world in 2007. There are many picnic spots and hotels near this sea. There is a crowd of people all the time here.

On holidays and other fun occasions, people enjoy swimming in this sea. People put black sludge on their body and face, because the sludge of this sea cleans the skin and this mud ends too many diseases. Scientists have also proved that the salt and mineral salts found here can be valuable to us. Although fresh water comes from rivers and rain in this ocean, the atmosphere and air are very pleasant here. The temperature here is hot throughout the year. As the vaporization is increasing here, its water is becoming less than one meter per year.

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