Shocking:See Plane Crashes That Shook The World Including The One That Happened In Nigeria.

Shocking:See Plane Crashes That Shook The World Including The One That Happened In Nigeria

Sometimes is life, life turns bad and becomes horrible. Plane crash can be one of the most tragic things that could ever happen because people dies from it.3. Ice Hockey Team Killed

Are there any other fans here? This is very difficult to achieve. In 2011, a Lokomotiv Yaroslavl holiday team flew to play after their plane crashed. Forty-four people were killed and one of the crew was rescued. The dead were players from the senior team, all coaches, and four players from the youth team. Shortly before the start of his 2011-2012 KHL season in Minsk, a neighboring country. Sadly, the weather didn’t start for those boys. It was a very difficult situation in Russia where even President Medvedev went to respect the families involved. And as often happens, careless pilots did the damage. In fact, the pilots falsified their documents and found that they were unable to pilot such a complex plane.

Flight 2. Nigeria Airways 2120

Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 was a passenger plane from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Sokoto, Nigeria on 11 July, which recently crashed from King Abdulaziz International Airport, killing all 247 people and 14 family members. The plane operated by Nationair for Nigeria Airways was a Douglas DC-8. Aircraft 2120 is the most dangerous hazard of DC-8 and the most dangerous aircraft crash in Canada.

1. Mid-Air Interruption In 1958

I think planes could crash these days as thousands take off every minute. However, in 1958 there were no planes, but TWA Flight 2 and United Airlines Flight 718 could collide. One and a half people died as a result of this tragic incident. The Federal Aviation Agency began thinking about more security after the collision. As a result, $ 250 million was set up in a new air traffic control system aimed at ensuring that any misunderstandings were resolved. Of course, these changes were very effective and saved many lives and prevented many accidents. As a result, this tragedy for the Grand Canyon was the reason people could be a little safer and fly to the United States.

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