See Disgusting Photos Of Materials Used For The Production Of Bottled Drinks

Some people are just too desperate of making money by all cost even if it involves taking people’s lives before they make their money, they will take it.

People who do buy sachet pure water and bottled water inside traffic especially in Lagos State should be careful of what they will be buying because, they might be buying fake and unhealthy water from the sellers.

Just this afternoon, a social media user shared the video of what bottled water sellers in Oworonshiki area of Lagos State normally do before heading to the street to make their money.

In the video, one could see how they gathered already used plastic containers for table water in a dirty compound and how they were rebranding and repackaging the plastic water after they finish filling it from the borehole located in their backyard of the compound.

So please for your own safety purpose, if you are buying water especially plastic table water in Lagos and you discover the plastic doesn’t look new or has a broken seal, do not buy it.

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