Sallah Celebration Goes Wrong As Cow Nearly Killed Man (See Photos)

Happy Eid to all our Muslims worldwide, as we all know that during this festive season the Muslims slaughter cow, ram or any livestock to celebrate this period, some even go the extent of buying camel, cow, ram and goat all because of this festive period.

The real groove comes when they want to slaughter the animal, slaughtering the animal involves a lot of skill and experience, if an inexperienced person triea to kiil the animal, the animal will end up injuring the person brutally.

In our article this evening, we will be sharing what happened when a man was trying to tie a cow down for slaughtering, according to the video, he made sure he tied the legs.

As he was about to hold the cow by its horns which is impossible, the cow grabbed him am hit him on the floor several times, thank God the horns didn’t pierce through him.

We all need to be careful when dealing with this animals during this season, stay away from the area if you know you lack the idea of how to go about slaughtering animals.

Here are pictures of what happened.

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