SAD: Woman Butchered Alive In Broad Daylight In Cameroon

A disturbing video of a helpless lady being butchered in broad daylight in Cameroon has now emerged online.

The video which was shared on Twitter by a twitter user by the name Thuo Kimani Githuku has attracted mixed reactions from citizens who condemned this inhumane act from two men seen in the clip.

The undated video shows a middle aged lady with her hands tied up lying on the ground begging for mercy from two men, one with a panga, which he uses to butcher the woman.

The unarmed man then drags the lady to the middle of the road before her their to die from the deep injuries cut through her neck.

This points out that the video is from Cameroon where fellow Africans are killing others.

”I am tired of seeing these gruesome killing of Africans by fellow Africans in Cameroon. Where is United Nations? Where is African Union? What is your work if you can’t stop this madness? Warning: graphic content,” said Thuo Kimani Githuku.

This is among various attacks by the separatist group across the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon against civilians supporting the military.

The videos have attracted the attention of various groups including the Human Rights Watch, who condemned the attacks.

”It flies in the face of humanity for us to accept these abuses as the new normal. There must be accountability,” said Felix Agbor Nkongho, the prominet human rights activist.

Kenyan renowned blogger Abraham Mutai called on fellow Africans to stop their bad habit of sympathizing with Europe and USA when they are strike with calamities.

He called on Africans to stand up with countries in Africa where fellow blacks are being murdered as civilians.

”Africans are waiting for tragedies in Europe & USA to shout on social media how they ‘sympathize’ and ‘stand’ with the colonizers but here at home in Cameroon a slow but sure genocide is ongoing and our silence is so LOUD. We butcher each other BUT stand with colonizers. So sad!,” said Abraham Mutai.

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