SAD: Protester Stabbed By Thugs (See Photos)

The EndSARS protest is getting worsened day by day as scores of people has lost their life to the protest. The protest has resulted in death of many civilians who are only agitating for the disbandment of the police unit called SARS and also the reformation of the Police force.

Weeks ago, it was Jimoh Ishaq that lost his life to the protest, and few others has also died during this protest. It keeps getting worse and we hope this matter won’t escalate more than this.

Yesterday, a protester called Anthony Onome Unuode was stabbed by Thugs in Abuja, and the man was rushed to hospital for treatment. However, Anthony could not make it out alive as he died today. This is another painful day, and of course made the protest to be even more dangerous for the citizens of Nigeria.

According to reports and other research, Anthony Unuode has always been active in the EndSARS protest but was Stabbed by Thugs at Kubwa, Abuja during the protests.

See more Photos of Anthony;

This is really sad.

The SARS protest is getting dangerous day by day. The Government should protect the citizens during this hard time. The death of protesters would only aggravate youth more.

May his gentle soul and other protesters that has lost their life rest in peace.

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