Sad: Lady Dies After Returning From Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Some girls are not really keeping it up. They are not ashamed of themselves when it comes to handling their bodies.

This is the story of a lady called Gift. Gift was so obsessed with Valentine’s Day. She was determined to go out with his boyfriend on this particular day.

She finally succeeded and went out to celebrate with her boyfriend.

She also took alot of hard drugs and alcohol at the venue. This knocked her off completely as she was now acting under the influence of alcohol

She started feeling running stomach. She wanted to vomit and rushed to the toilet. She continued struggling to breathe for 30 minutes in the toilet, and finally, she dropped dead.

All her friends out of fear left her at the party and ran for their life so that they won’t be accused for her death

This story should really teach us alot especially when we’re celebrating anything.

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