Did you remembered the street anthem ‘Gobe’ by Davido? What of General Pype’s internationally acclaimed track ‘World Champion’ that later became the Supersports theme song? Well, let me inform you that the young man who wrote those songs still ‘roams’ around d the street. 

It is indeed sad that the young man that wrote these songs and other street Jamz, Patrick Matthias, aka Password still ‘roams’ the street.

Password, a song writer, music producer and singer have not released a single track not to talk of an album. In fact, we could easily say he was instrumental to the rise of Davido who has gone ahead to become an international superstar.

He has been in the music industry for the past 17 years but has just only one noticeable track to his name till date, no single album yet, but has written songs that has made stars.

Password wrote Gobe in 2009, he recorded it as a producer and a song writer, but the song got leaked.

According to our findings, he never knew it has been leaked. And in 2013 Davido heard the song and liked so, it was officially signed.

He has done some works with superstar, Dare Art Alade’s international album art a time. He did the popular song by General Pype, Born Champion’, that later became the Super sports theme song and other international stuffs, but as for him, he is still struggling to survive.

For the past 17 years since he started his musical career, he is yet to produce an album and still roams the street for survival.