Read Funke Akindele reaction to the death of Black Panther movie star that got people talking.

Read Funke Akindele reaction to the death of Black Panther movie star that got people talking

Funke Akindele who is a famous nollywood actor took to one of her social media handle to talk about the death of black panther movie star – Chadwick Boseman.

Black panther movie star- Chadwick Boseman died yesterday at his home town in Los Angeles area with his wife and his family by his side.

Funke Akindele showed a sense of humour in her write up that touched so many people that they had to react to her write up about black panther movie star

She said “In life , we all go through our private battles yet this should not deter us from moving on and making an impact.

Despite your health issues for years, you never stopped entertaining us with great movies, you kept that smile every time you appear before the camera or your fans, making them to feel loved even though you had a burden deep down.

You will continue to be loved Chadwick Boseman, rest in peace”.

This write up of hers showed that the death of Black Panther movie star – Chadwick Boseman has taught her a life lesson to keep moving on no matter the challenges around.

Reactions from people also showed a sense of humour and they said things like – to think that Chadwick Boseman was battling with cancer for 4 good years and was still giving fans lovely poses baffles me.

More comments that is touching – hero’s don’t die, they just stop living black panther and black mamba. Such a huge loss, rest in power

Wake up, please wake up and love and hug up in the people you cherish. Life is too precious and short. My heart cannot take anymore this year.

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