Police Officer Caught Raping A COVID-19 Patient In Quarantine

A police officer was kidnapped with an extenuating Covid-19 patient on Friday, July 17.

According to the police report, the incident occurred at the Bisia County Agricultural Training Center, which is a Covid-19 isolation center.

The place is guarded by three police officers and three guards. The remand prisoners and general public patients from Busia prison are kept in separate wards.

As usual, around 10 pm, two guards from Busia GK Prison carried out regular patrols in the facility.

One of them started talking with the patient. His colleague felt uncomfortable and walked into the guard room.

He told other officials what happened, and they all checked what happened.

However, the suspect and patient have moved away from the place where the police officer left their conversation.

The police officer became suspicious and began to look around. In the process, he heard noise and commotion from the women’s ward.

The police report said: β€œThey rushed to the scene, found all the patients outside, and complained that the prison officials raped the female patient.”

The authorities said that when they entered the woman’s room, they found her and the officer both lying on the bed.

However, a woman isolated at the facility told the police that the Covid-19 patient had agreed to the behavior, but only changed her narrative after she learned that another Covid-19 patient in the ward knew her condition. And the police are doing it.

The suspect was arrested at the same facility and placed in isolation. Senior officials at the Busia GK prison confiscated his guns.

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