OMG: See Underage Boy and Girl Rocking there self in Public

This is quite shameful! A teenage boy and girl are trending online for the wrong reason after deciding to take their love public. The young couple shared a footage of themselves in a romantic mood with the young boy doing a lot of grabbings and touchings on his lady.  Rather than keep the video to themselves, they decided to post it online sparking outrage among internet users who felt the footage outrageous.

This is coming shortly after a slay queen identified as Nonny Blessing had attempted to get some cheap popularity for herself. She is trending on Facebook after she took to the platform to disclose the huge amount her boyfriend gave to her to buy herself, ‘Ice Cream’. She also took to the platform to mock ‘poor guys’ who cannot provide for their girlfriends. She wrote; “When you have a good boyfriend not all this poor poor boys that can’t give there girlfriend 100k to use and buy ice cream thanks to my boyfriend kiss kiss..”

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