Nigeria Nollywood Actor, Aremu Afolayan Attacked By Area Boys

Popular nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan, as admonished his fans and colleagues to be extra careful this period as there are cases of insecurity in the country. He made these known on his Instagram handle when he explained how some area boys stormed his residence and injured him.

The popular actor told his fans to be cautious of who they help because there is a high level of insecurity in the country.

According to him, he said “I am a street boy, and I always show love to the boys outside there. But surprisingly, some two bastards came to my house. They knocked for like twenty minutes. I didn’t know anything because my generator was on, and they have been banging the gate so that someone will come out.

” My brother, Idowu, was the one who was at the door, looking at them through his window and he knows he has never seen them here before. But as he wanted to open the gate, they also wanted to stop him and they claim they know me.

“What they said was that they saw me at my birthday party yesterday, but I was furious at them. I have taken them to the DSS. My advise I people is that they should be careful of who they help.”

Colleagues of the actor have prayed for him that God will always protect him. Aremu Afolayan is a popular nollywood celebrity.

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