Man Utd Paul Pogba just received the “GREATEST INSULT” of his football career

Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness has throw a slight insulting phrase to Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba over his reaction to the sacking of manager, Jose Mourinho. This is coming after former CNN presenter, Piers Morgan had blasted the France international over his reaction to the sacking of Mourinho. Recall that Mourinho was on Tuesday sacked by United following the club’s poor run of form this season. Pogba reacted to Mourinho’s sacking by posting a picture of himself smirking with his eyes darting to the side. However, Souness, who was furious with Pogba’s post, branded the France international as a “major disappointment” and advised the 25-year-old to have a “close look at himself” after Mourinho’s dismissal.

Responding to Pogba’s antics on Instagram, Souness said on Sky Sports: “Was he [Pogba] referring to something else? Did he know the manager has been sacked? It’s hard for me to comment on. “But I think what’s obvious is that he wasn’t getting on with the manager. Paul Pogba for me has been a major disappointment. He must have been a major disappointment for the manager. “There’s a player that really you should be building your team around, he’s got all the qualities to be a fabulous football player except what that real desire to be one?

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“I think he’s got caught up in all the hype surrounding big players and football today. “I think the manager referred to that on several occasions, they listen to their entourage rather than what football people have to say to them. “Paul Pogba has been a major disappointment to Manchester United. He really needs to have a close look at himself. He could be a fabulous player, he really could. With the skill he possesses, the God given athleticism he has but he just gets in his armchair too readily.

“I never see him come off and thing “cor, he’s put a shift in today”. I see a player come off and have done nice things but as many good things as he’s done, he’s done as many bad things by giving the ball away cheaply, not tracking players, not doing the things that proper players do.”

Pogba will hope to feature for United when they tackle Cardiff City on Saturday evening in the Premier League fixture at Old Trafford.

Do you agree with Souness that Pogba has been a major dissappointment?

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