Lady Publicly Undressed Herself To Rain Curse On Someone Who Offended Her (Photo)

The resident of Maryland and those at the spot where this particular scene took place seems to be in total shock as to what’s happening.

An unknown lady did the unthinkable as she went totally unclad on the road to blast the air with some curses then dressed up and went on her way.

According to report: The lady who captured this, couldn’t believe what was going on, she initially thought she had run mad or it was one of those mad people in Lagos as the saying goes lagos is full of several mad people.She got the full glimpse of what was happening when she started curse the person that offended her, then the height of the shock was when she dressed up and went her way.

The lady who was in the opposite side of the road to capture this incidence had to pack so as to calm her shock.

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