Just In: One Person Confirmed Dead After Prison Vehicle Knocked Down An Okada Man

There is currently tension in Ibadan, Oyo State, following a clash between Agodi Prison officials and commercial motorcycle riders popularly known as Okada on Tuesday morning.

According to sources and eyewitnesses on the ground, the unrest started after a prison vehicle reportedly knocked down a commercial motorcycle rider, who was said to have died shortly afterwards.

The failure of prison officials to handle the situation properly was said to have angered the Okada riders, who soon mobilised their colleagues to stage a demonstration in front of the correctional facility.
In videos of the incident seen by SaharaReporters, commercial motorcycle riders in large numbers could be seen moving around the gate of the prison while pedestrians ran for safety.

The whole area around the prison is currently tense with Ibadan residents already warning their loved ones through text messages and social media posts to avoid the Agodi Prison area of the city for their own safety.

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