HistoryVille: Meet Woman With The Biggest Breasts In The World (PHOTOS)

Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the record the world’s biggest natural breast all over the world.The United States woman, who goes by the nickname Norma Stitz, boasts a Guinness World Record because of her astounding mind blowing cleavage.

Annie Hawkins turner popularly known as Norma stitz has also utilize her big watermelon to start her profession as an adult entertainer.The 62-years of age adult entertainer has since garnered millions of followers on her social media handles. Annie Hawkins Turner Boasts the world record for the “biggest natural breasts”.

After holding the holding the record, she disclosed her breast started growing at younger age than her fellow friends in school.

Annie Hawkins got this eulogy in 1999 and Norma has been unbeaten since then.The erotic adult entertainment measurements are ok to make anybody jaw dropping. Annie Hawkins turner nicknamed Norma underbreast traverse109.22cm, while Norma has a breast-over-nipple measurement of 177.8cm.

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