Good News As The Price Of Cement Drops Gradually

Good news for Nigerians as the price of a bag of cement gradually drops from the initial N4000 rate in some states during the #ENDSARS protest accross Nigeria, and shortly after the protest which was hijacked by hoodlums to penetrate and cause casualties in many cities in the nation.

In the nearly months of this year, a bag of cement was sold at the rate of N2,700 in different states accross the country, but at the time of the nationwide #ENDSARS protest, some marketers were found to have took the advantage to inflate the price of commodities including cement. Cement sellers accross the country increased the price of a bag of cement to N3,500, while some even sell at the rate of N4,000.

Thought most cement stores were closed due to the security challenge accross the country, caused by hoodlums who hijacked the peaceful #ENDSARS protest, causing casualties accross the nation which leads to the scarcity of commodities and increase in the price of cement and other goods.

Now the price of cement is not up to N3500 in Ogun state, presently the price has dropped to around N3,000.

Yesterday afternoon being 19th of November 2020, I made inquiries in Sango otta in Ogun state about the price of cement in four different stores and I realized that the price has dropped a bit. The first man Mr. Samuel told me he sell at the rate of N2,950 and there is a N50 discount depending on the quantity a customer ordered, the second woman Mrs. Elizabeth told me she sell at the rate of N2900 while the other two store owners, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Akeem told me is N3000 per bag with N50 discount if a customer buys up to 50 bags.

With this, the price of a bag of cement is gradually dropping as some other things, but as we approach Christmas and new year, there may be inflation in the price of things again as it often happens in Nigeria.

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