Ghanaian Actress Wish Her Son A Happy Birthday With Naked Photos

The length at which people go to get fame in social media these days will amaze you. Today, Akuapem Pooloo, while celebrating he son’s birthday posted an horrible picture of her and he child. She took the picture completely naked with her seven year old son. Isn’t this child abuse?

Akuapem is a Ghanaian video vixen and model, she’s quite popular in the Ghanaian music industry. She’s known for her provocative dressing and posting her nudes on Instagram. She’s currently trending at the moment on social media for the picture she posted while celebrating her son’s birthday.

In the message she left under the picture, she said she gave birth to her son naked and he has been seeing her naked for a long time therefore there’s really nothing to hide. Media users have however condemned this act and termed it as nothing but child abuse.

Looking at the fact that the boy is hers, do you think there’s anything wrong in a mother allows Ng her son see her body? Let’s have your opinion.

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