Funke Akindele Finally show her real attitude  To everyone. All thanks To Her Ex- Staff

Funke Akindele Finally show her real attitude  To everyone. All thanks To Her Ex- Staff

All thanks to social media, our dearest Funke Akindele was definitely seen in another light.

We all assumed Funke to be the jovial fun loving and awesome person,but her staff definitely saw and thought her to be different.

My friend once said that “celebrities make you see only what they want you to see”and this statement was never said better.I mean from the pictures with her beautiful smiling face,one would assume that she is a true an angel.

Then the icing on the cake was her role in Jenifas diary and that one played a fast one on we the viewers.

If you’re a constant follower of the Jenifas diary series, you would definitely relate.Funke was portrayed as this loving friend that could go all out for her friends no matter the cost.

Well reality just hit us and it’s as though she is nothing like what she acts in her Jenifas diary series. Some years back,the popular Toyo baby was removed from the series because of certain issues.

The moment the news came out,Jenifas fans came to her rescue.This they did by calling out Toyosi( Juliana) and ensuring that she regretted falling out with Funke Akindele. In Toyo baby’s defence she came out and said clearly her own side of her story.To be honest,that did not do much help because people already took sides with Funke Akindele.Fast forward to recently, Funke’s Ex-staff came out and accused her of a number of things.

The accusations included physical,emotional and even verbal abuse.Cassandra was the name of the Ex-staff and she gruesomely accused Funke of being the cause of her depression.

These accusations that have been levied against Funke are really disappointing and they’re believable. This is because it is just no coincidence that two people come out to say the very same thing.

The bible also says that “In a mouth of two witnesses,a thing shall be confirmed”.In my opinion,there is no gain saying this one,Funke has been exposed for who she truely is.

I would love to introduce you to someone who has lots of love to give you.He is none other than Jesus,just say this prayer with me

Lord Jesus,come into my life.

I ask that you take away everything

That makes me fall easily

I want to live for you.

Oh Lord, may your spirit

Reside in my heart today

And take total control of my life

Now and forever more Amen.

If you said this prayer,I want you to know that 

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