In Nigeria, financial fraud also known as Yahoo Yahoo seems to have taken over everywhere and people are beginning to believe it is a sure way of escaping poverty.

While their believes might not be far from the truth, it’s also good to know that what is worth doing is worth doing well. So, if you’re going to be a Yahoo Boy, it’s better you be the best at it.

So, I’ll be listing five advantages of being a Yahoo Boy.

First on the list is that;

You Get Easy Access To Money.

Yahoo boys are known to be big time ballers who spend heavily all the time. Many of them control millions of naira on a daily basis and spend big. That’s why you see them answering names like Wire Wire, Cool Funds, Owo Dollarz and Mula Wire. That’s to tell you that there’s so much money to spend and throw around.

You Have The Opportunity To Invest.

Any sensible man with so much money at his disposal would use it to invest and hope that his investment brings more money. With yahoo yahoo money, you can buy lands, houses, estates, jewelries, shares and hope that their value rises, so you can make more and more money.

You Will Be A National Icon.

By doing Yahoo Yahoo and getting plenty money, people will respect you and sing your praises. Actually, nobody cares about how you make the money, but rather, how you spend it. That’s why many of our top politicians who steal public funds for their selfish interest are being celebrated everyday. Yahoo Yahoo money is not an exception. The likes of Naira Marley, Mompha and Hushpuppi who have come forth to publicly declare that they are Yahoo boys, are being celebrated by Nigerians. Naira Marley is now a household name in Nigeria and everyone seems to want be a Marlian. So, being a yahoo boy brings you fame and honour.

Women Will Be At Your Beck And Call.

What’s a world without women? Women are the people who make this world lively for us. Being a yahoo boy gets you access to the best of women depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Be it Indian, Negroids, Mongolian… You can’t importe your taste and variety from any part of the world by being a Yahoo boy. You get to tour round the world and meet different kinds of women. You wake up on your bed to meet women, you leave your bed to meet women and also come back home to meet women waiting for you. For yahoo boys, it’s women, more women and more women.

You Get To Live The Good Life.

Being a Yahoo Boy gets you access to the good life. You get to travel round the world for vacations, tours and holidays. You get to see beautiful places. You get club and party anytime you like. You eat the best food and dishes money can buy. You can even tour around in private jets, yatch, choppers and any means of transportation you want. You furnish your house to your taste, buy exotic cars like Bugatti, Ferrari and G-wagon… Damn! Money is good! And being a Yahoo Boy gives you plenty of access to that.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the advantages of being a Yahoo Boy? Let us know and hear from you in the comment section.