#EndSARS Protesters: See What Buhari Has Ordered To Be Done About The Lekki Shootings(Read More).

#EndSARS Protesters: See What Buhari Has Ordered To Be Done About The Lekki Shootings(Read More).

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, will never be forgotten in a hurry in the history of Nigerians, a day the Nigerian Army opened fire on its own citizens who were singing the national anthem and hoisting the national flag. The massacre at Lekki Toll Gate that night remains one of the most heartbreaking conspiracies ever witnessed in any country.

The attack on the peaceful and innocent protesters immediately attracted condemnation from the international community. All over the world, notable figures and organizations lent their voices and condemned the attacks.

As the protesters wallowed in their pains and injuries, their hope was that the government would do them justice by ordering a probe into the shootings. The following day, the hopes of the protesters were dampened when the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, while addressing the Lekki shootings, said that forces beyond the control of the state were responsible for the shootings. Though he promised to get in touch with the president and get to the bottom of the issue.

Photo of Governor Sanwo-Olu:

Photos of Governor while on a visit to the injured protesters at different hospitals:

Another ray of hope came for the protesters two days ago when it was announced that the president, Muhammadu Buhari, would finally address the nation. The public hoped that he would hit the nail on the head of the Lekki massacre, but unfortunately, throughout the 12 minutes speech of Mr President, he did not say anything about the shootings at Lekki Toll Gate. And at that point, the hope of the protesters getting justice seemed to have been lost.

But yesterday, that hope for justice came alive again when the protesters received the good news that President Buhari has ordered for a probe into the Lekki shootings.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, said this during an interview with Arise TV yesterday.

Photos of Sunday Dare:

The Minister was asked why the president did not talk about the Lekki massacre during his address on the #EndSARS protest, and he made it clear to the public that the president has ordered for a probe into the shootings, and that he will speak on it after the outcome of the probe.

He said that of course, the president has ordered for an investigation into the matter, and that he had a national security meeting two days ago. He said the reason the president did not mention the Lekki massacre during his address was because he wants to get his facts first, and after that he will address it. And that investigation is now ongoing, and everything will be made public when it is concluded.

He added that it is difficult to hide facts, especially now that we live in a multimedia world, and that is the path the president has chosen to take. He added that the president is a man of integrity, and when the facts are made available, he will let the public know about what really happened at Lekki Toll Gate on that Tuesday night.

Another good news is that, he gave another assurance that the federal government has accepted the demands of the protesters. He said that before we had been hearing about the scrapping of SARS which was actually lips service, but this time around, for the first time, we heard it directly from the President that SARS has been scrapped, which was also followed by the Inspector General of Police.

He also confirmed that the whole five points demands of the youths were fully accepted by the President, and that he has set up a process.

That is indeed good news. Even though the protest had later turned violent, which wasn’t part of the intention of it, there is some consolation in the fact that the efforts were not wasted. The people who lost their lives during this struggle didn’t die in vain, because the aims of the protest have been achieved.

What do you think about the overall outcome of this protest? Do you think the protest actually achieved its aim? And what do you think about this assurance from the Minister that President Buhari has ordered for a probe into the Lekki massacre? Do you think anything positive will come out of the probe? Let’s hear you out in the comments section below.

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