END SARS Goes Wrong As Police Officers Shot And Throw Tear Gas At Prostesters

According to the video we received from an eyewitness in Owode, Ogbomosho, he lamented that he was among the End SARS Protesters but they had to fall back because police officers were shooting directly at them and also throwing tear gas. He was recording this video from a safe distance but gunshots were heard afar off and the smoke of tear gas could be seen. As we known that the End SARS protests have been going on for days now and the youths are not backing down unless the unit is scrapped.

Meanwhile, the government isn’t making efforts to scrap the unit because of the investments they have made into the unit and also because they claim that the protests are sponsored by beneficiaries of organized crimes. This isn’t going down well with the youths as more states are joining in the protests. This protests in Ogbomosho turned violent when the Police started to shoot at the protesters and using tear gas on them. Some went back while some stood their ground as seen in the video.


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