Congratulations To Comedian “Mama Tobi” As He Acquires A Range Rover For Himself

It is seriously raining cars and the latest owner of a range rover sport utility vehicle SUV is social media comedian Oluwakaponeski popularly known as Mama Tobi.
The US-based Oluwatobi Adeshina Onibatedo who dresses effeminately and takes the African mother character in most of his skits except for his beards, took to Instagram to announce the arrival of his new whip which he had acquired a week ago.

Mama Tobi noted that he has finally decided to be proud of himself and his accomplishment so far, hence the announcement of the vehicle. For someone who wasn’t born with the silver spoon, Mama Tobi is indeed happy and surprised he could get himself a gift and not just something to survive on. Meanwhile a day before, he had reacted to Otedola’s gifts of Ferarri to his girls.

“😂😂😂 Omo E shock me. Na God say I no jump go post yesterday. So a week ago I finally decided to be proud of everything that I have accomplished this far. To sit back And get something to gift myself and not something to survive. This is different and it feels great. Cheers to me and cheers to the benchmark for greater things to come whether good or bad Thank you God and my amazing friends and family ❤️”, he wrote.

Oluwakaponeski praises himself for the new whip.

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