Check Out The Yellow River, Where People Fish Human Bodies

China is known for a lot of weird things, but this one is just horrible. The second largest river in China called Yellow River or The river of sorrow is known for among other things this very terrible detail, it has human bodies floating in it.

It has changed its course twenty six times as far as history goes and has caused 1,500 floods resulting in deaths of millions.

The bodies are known to be of people killed over time by these natural events, murders, suicides and accidents too.

Some locals who live around the river banks have made a livelihood by going out to fish out floating bodies, examine for any unique marking to help identify the bodies, then use media platforms to release these unique details to the public hoping the relatives get the message. Most relatives are known to show up and claim the bodies but have to pay a fee of five hundred dollars for the fishermen to release the bodies for burial.

When people disappear in higher grounds, in cities, their relatives tend to visit these fishermen and task them to look for their loved ones in the river as well as going through the already fished out bodies in case they are there.

Its just one horrible and dark story really.

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