BBNaija: Big Brother Fulfills One Of Neo’s Biggest Wishes

Wishes do come to pass that’s one thing I’ve learnt from big brother tonight. Keep your dreams alive and one day, you will definitely live it. I remember earlier in the big brother show when Neo was begging big brother to kindly make his one request come to pass, he said even if he got evicted on that particular day, big brother should at least ensure other enjoy. Neo was so passionate about this request as he kept mentioning it during that particular diary session.

Unlike most of the other Friday nights that used to be a night of truth and dare (which used to be organized by Neo, who calls himself the oracle), tonight is a totally different ball game. Tonight is a whole new vibe, it’s a grill and Jacuzzi party night and all the housemates seem to be really enjoying this new cruise from big brother.

Neo’s request to big brother was for him to fix the jacuzzi and make it available to the housemates. I’m sure most of you have never seen the housemates in the jacuzzi, but tonight is all about that. I think it’s safe to say that one of Neo’s biggest wishes in the big brother house has come to pass. Not only did it come to pass, but he also got to be in the house while the Jacuzzi was opened for them, might have been painful for him if he was already evicted.

Which do you prefer the truth or dare Friday night or the Jacuzzi Friday night? Many people are wondering what the jacuzzi party will be like, if Erica was still a part of the show.

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