BBN: Dorathy told Laycon “I love you”.

BBN: Dorathy told Laycon “I love you”.

In this article I present to the moment Dorathy told Laycon I love you.

Earlier this morning Laycon was in the kitchen trying to help Dorathy out for breakfast. So Dorathy wanted Laycon to help her chop some pepper and other things.

Dorathy: I love you laycon

Laycon: You know how to get me, you understand my love language. Just keep telling me okay

Dorathy: Well I’m too ghetto for that kind of thing.

This caught the attention of Fans on social media with many saying thought they are joking about it but there is a proverb that says it’s from play we get to hear the truth.

Laycon and Dorathy ship will sail on high altitude because both of them are all for the cruise- A fan wrote.

Dorathy sure knows how to press the mumu button of Laycon, I love you Laycon baba and bring more pepper and onions

What did you make of this conversation between Laycon and Dorathy.

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