A dangerous Phone Thief Allegedly Stole IPhone 11, And Sold It For #9,000

A dangerous Phone Thief Allegedly Stole IPhone 11, And Sold It For #9,000.

A young boy who allegedly stole an IPhone 11, has been caught this evening. Young boy who’s identity is withheld is an indigene of Kiama Community in Kolokuma Opokuma Local Government Area In Bayelsa State. He stole the phone in his community Kiama, three days ago and since then he has been looking for a buyer.

According to him he tried flashing the phone but didn’t succeed. He traveled to Sabagreia community in Kolokuma Opokuma Local Government Area to sell the phone. He intended to sell the phone thirty thousand naira (#30,000), but the buyer could not afford the said amount. The buyer first priced it five thousand naira (#5,000), but later agreed on nine thousand naira (#9,000).

Meanwhile the phone has been on tracking since the day it got missing. The owner called the nearest community vigilantes to watch out in case of any suspects. The smart buyer of the phone said he doesn’t have cash at hand so they went to withdraw the money from a nearby POS, there luck ran out of him.

The youths president was there withdrawing money, the smart buyer said he doesn’t have the complete money that he is going to give him seven thousand and later balance him the rest. There they started arguing, the youths president is already aware of the matter so he started observing them.

He immediately gave signal to his community vigilante so they were apprehended right there in front of the POS in Kalama Compound in Sabagreia. The vigilante called the owner of the phone to come with Kiama vigilante to pick him up. Immediately the youths president ordered for canes to flog the buyer and thief, but the smart buyer escaped. So the phone is yet to be retrieved.


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