A 18-year-old housewife, Salman Hassan, from Itas Gadau in Bauchi State, has cut her better half, Mohammed Mustapha, to death supposedly over sex, soon after 11 days of marriage.

Talking with Daily Sun at the Bauchi State Police Command home office, Bauchi, on Thursday, where she was marched with different suspects, Salma said she cut her better half on the chest since he demanded laying down with her on that portentous night.

“We were hitched. We adored one another. Following 11 days of our marriage he came to lay down with me however I cannot. He hit me and I took a blade and cut him. I never intended to execute him. I just needed to undermine him on the chest.

It was a little wound and I didn’t realize he would pass on” Salam, who was enthusiastic, said she lamented her activity “I am in incredible misery. I am in extraordinary sharpness. I don’t have the foggiest idea what will befall me”

The Commissioner of Police, Phillip Maku, unveiled that, Salma perpetrated the wrongdoing on 24th of April, 2020.

He said one Hauna Musa revealed at the Itas-Gadau Police Division after which she was captured. Maku said that Mustapha supported genuine injury and was raced to the General Hospital, Itas-Gadau for treatment where he was confirmed dead.

“The suspect was captured and admitted to the wrongdoing. Display recouped from the presume was one blade,” the Commissioner of police, said.